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Publication Design: All of this Junk

The premise of this class is to design and make your own Publication. I chose to take an inventory of the 4 storage closets in my house. I created all of the content and took all of the pictures. It is bound with a kettle stitch and a card stock covers with plastic inserts filled with cut out objects.

Class: Publication Design

Instructor: Jayme Yen

MAIN IMAGE2-08.png

Bin/Box Spreads

These sections fit under each respective closet that they are in. My goal was to base my publications organization off of the organization that already exists.


Things w/o a bin

The next category uses blurred images of the actual spaces to show the fullness but mess of having uncategorized items.


In Reflection

3 months was an incredibly short amount of time to spend on this project. Writing all the content lists and taking all of the pictures myself took up a bulk of the time and at the end I left feeling that I wanted to spend more time on this project and that this was only a first draft. I hope to come back to this project soon.

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