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Article: News and Confidence

With the topic of news and confidence we were given the task to make an experience ecosystem, or an application that spreads and adapts across multiple devices. And as this project began at the beginning of the pandemic and we only had our classmates to interview, we chose to make our intended audience college students.

Class:  Interface Design 

Instructor: Tom Hamm

Teammates: Joe Jang, Hannah Levang, Ruby Peven, and Philbert Widjaja

Task Flow 1: Onboarding

This process allows the user to personalize their home page to their interests and then to later reflect on how they spend their time with news. To better show the details of this flow I created this animation.


Research and Development

Because this quarter was held on zoom we were not able to conduct user interviews like normal. But we did have our own classmates to interview, because of this we chose to focus on college students as the user group and held workshop with them that produced insights and ideas such as these. 

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Task Flow 2: Build a News Playlist

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Frame 17.png

Building a news playlist can contribute to research for a class or a quick education on a walk to the bus. These playlists can exist in a text form or audio, shown on the apple watch. 

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Task Flow 3: Annotate an article

This is the task flow that I helped in developing. We focused on how annotating an article would be most helpful and accessible. To go deeper into a subject articles have annotation features that allows the reader to search for definitions, make notes, and highlight. 

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