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Publication Design: Just a Bunch of Junk

This publication is 6.75 x 9.5 perfect bound with a glossy card stock cover. All of the content is based off of some of the items that I can’t let go off. The photography aims to isolate these items so that I was able to put focus on them and show off their beauty. The descriptions relate to the memories I have of them and why I cannot let them go.

Project: Publication Design

Consultant: Kristine Matthews


The cover is my favorite part of this publication. I love creating type in real life and felt that this cover achieved exactly the playful quality I was going for.

emerald necklacewix.jpg

Not all item structures are the same. If there are multiple pages on an item, the item is teased and then revealed on the next page. 


In Reflection

I wish that I had a more linear process when designing this publication but I would not have arrived at this result without trying a bunch of different formats. 

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