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Math Game

I worked on this math game over a period of 8 months with a stellar team. We explored 24 math lessons and the social aspects of this online game. I worked with the team to develop a positive social classroom experience and imaginative and engaging lessons. This page shows a fraction of the overall work completed.

Client: Education

Team: Ollie Reyes, Curtis Winniesdorfer, Jimmy Yi, Lonnie Tapia, Rupsha Das

Frame 576291.png

Kindergarten Class Hub

Each grade has a theme and class hub fit to that theme. The class hub connects the social and gaming experience to the lessons.

Frame 578184.png

​Lesson: Lucky Ladybugs, Adding and subtracting within 5

Some example screens from a lesson made for Kindergartners. We follow Lucky the Ladybug through the garden and count what is being ‘taken away’.

lucky ladybugs 4 .png

Assorted Lesson Narrative Screens

Celebratory and interstitial screens that connect the narrative goal to the overall lesson.

assortment of lessons screens.png
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